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Invert Yours No Habits

  • Do you have problems to keep up to yours no-commitments? Like do not eat sweets or do not buy yet another book?
  • If you have, like I do, instead of punishing yourself with notifications & reminders saying “do not buy a book this month” give yourself a permission. And put it to a specific date.

  • For instance add to yours tasks tracker tool an entry saying: buy a new book with a due date set to the 1st day of every month.
  • From now on every time you will have a temptation to break your no-commitments, you will just remind yourself that in a week or so, you will be able to fulfill your needs.
  • Your mind will be clear, cause your brain will get a signal that you filled the temptation, while in reality you just postponed it to the future. This way you stop thinking about that need and proceed to your current chores.
  • Eventually, you may even do not fill the temptation. As time passes, it may become not so important anymore.